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Why Use The Car Buyers

Free online valuations no cost, no obligation
Network of buyers Australia wide
Instant cash settlement no wait, no hassle

The Car Buyers are a national team of trained purchasing professionals and will offer you an obligation free price for your car with an instant cash settlement. We do all of the paper work for you and will pay out existing loans.

At The Car Buyers we understand that everybody has a different reason for asking "what is my car worth?". Some just want cash for their car today while some of you would like to know the used car values before you go shopping for a new car and attempting to trade in your old car.

We can value your car for insurance purposes or just provide a used car valuation so you know how much to ask if you do sell.

Unlike other valuation tools out there, our online car valuation is conducted by a real person who will who will provide you with a far more accurate appraisal of your vehicle.

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